Betalin Therapeutics Ltd is a biotech R&D SME in Israel, developing a revolutionary solution to Diabetes, an Engineered Micro Pancreas. The company was established in 2015 based on technology developed by Prof. Eduardo Mitrani from The Cell and Developmental Biology Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The theory behind this development is that cells need to be in contact with a supportive tissue, a kind of scaffold which will mimic the extracellular matrix surrounding the cells in our body. Prof. Mitrani explained, “Rather than make cells, we are creating an organ, a self-contained unit that functions autonomously and can be placed virtually anywhere in the body.

Betalin Therapeutics is focused on the development of the proprietary Micro Pancreas technological platform that, in the future, will provide a solution to treat diabetes with an implantation under the skin (by injection) restoring natural insulin production and blood glucose regulation. Currently, the company plans to offer its cutting-edge micro organ technology and expertise tailored to meet the global requirements of developing more physiological models of human diseases and organ in a dish in order to accelerate drug discovery and development. Betalin’s solid foundation of highly skilled of multidisciplinary experienced team led the company to its current achievements. The Betalin Therapeutics team of leading experts in the fields of diabetes and biotechnology development are based at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center campus where Micro Pancreas technology was first discovered.

Betalin Therapeutics’ development of the EMP, including collaborations with leading institutions: 

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