Kugelmeiers Ltd.

Kugelmeiers Ltd., based in Erlenbach Zurich Switzerland, was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the University of Zurich.

Our first product the Sphericalplate 5D (SP5D) is a patented platform enabling high-quality, scalable and safe cell growth, cell cultivation and a correct cell programming with ability to translate into diagnostic and clinical use – as well as safe use of stem cells.

Our company contributes to and provides accessibility to regenerative medicine, believing it to be a potential for future medical therapies that everyone should have the opportunity to commit towards. We developed as a result of 18 years of research and dedication in the field of transplant surgery, cell therapy and developmental biology a technology and ecosystems allowing us to make an impact on islet, liver and many other cell therapies that rely on 3D spheroids that need a medical quality platform.

Our team consists of clinicians, scientists, engineers ,regulatory and quality specialists but also of serial entrepreneurs.